At the core of the LogicMonitor solution, there is the LogicMonitor Collector. The Collector is a small Java app installed on servers that collects and sends monitored data to LogicMonitor. However, sometimes these Collectors can go down, potentially leading to gaps in monitoring. Obviously, this is an issue you want to resolve quickly, but you may not know how. While the LogicMonitor support team is always here to help, you may be able to resolve the problem yourself far faster with a good troubleshooting strategy and an understanding of what the LogicMonitor Collector needs to function. This guide is designed to give you a better understanding of how the Collector works, and how to use that knowledge to get a down Collector back up and running as well as some best practices to maximize the resilience of your Collectors.

Quick Steps

  1. Check if server is online and healthy
  2. Check that the two LogicMonitor services are running on the server
  3. Can the server get to "*.logicmonitor.com"?
  4. Review the Collector's Health in LogicMonitor
  5. Open LogicMonitor support session

LogicMonitor Collector health and care

To check each Collector’s health, click on the "Help, my Collector is down" link and scroll to section "Review Collector Health". 

Help, my Collector is down! - Documentation


Collector Health Dashboards:

Health Overview - All Collectors

Collector Health Dashboard - Buffer Latency & Collector Tasks


Reviewing the Collector's Health in LogicMonitor

Collector health can be accessed by going to the Collector in your LogicMonitor Portal, clicking the Manage icon and then the Support drop down:

The Collector Status Option when managing a collector can help troubleshoot collector issues.

Collector Status is a great place to check on Collector health. It can indicate potentially problematic load issues and LogicModules with abnormally high numbers of failed polls.

The top of the Collector Status gives a quick overview of the status of the varying metrics that make it up. Warning and Error status items should be investigated further.

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